How does it IPTV work?

How does it IPTV work?

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How does it IPTV work?

IPTV converts a television signal into small packets of computer data like any other form of online traffic such as email or a web page. There are three main components of IPTV. First, the TV and content head end, where the TV channels are received and encoded and also other content like videos which are stored. The second component is the delivery network, which is broadband and landline network provided by a telecom operators such as MTNL.

The third component is the set top box, which is required at the customer location. The packets are reassembled into programming by software in the set-top box. This box is connected between the operator’s broadband modem and customer’s TV.

What is IPTV ?

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a service that uses the internet to deliver TV services. In short, IPTV is transmitting audio and video over a computer network instead of cable, terrestrial or satellite.

Internet Protocol Television’s (IPTV) popularity has been increasing for a while now. If you aren’t familiar with IPTV it is a Television Service that is delivered using an Internet connection. IPTV is an alternative to the traditional broadcast and cable formats, recently being bundled with Television packages and Internet services. These IPTV services can be a mixture of live-feed channels and Video-on-demand, whilst Video-on-demand is increasingly being provided as a catch up service.

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Although many IPTV services do not count towards your monthly downloads limit, users must be aware and check with their Internet provider whether they have an unlimited download tariff. This is essential as the video content provided requires a massive amount of information to be downloaded constantly. This is a definite requirement if a user is downloading a High Definition stream. The number of options for an IPTV user to think about is increasing with companies entering the market every month. These options vary from one-off payments, pay-per-view (PPV), monthly subscriptions and more commonly a mixture of them all.

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is digital television delivered to your television through a high speed internet (broadband) connection. In this service, channels are encoded in IP format and delivered to the TV through a set top box.  IPTV service also includes video on demand, which is similar to watching video CDs/DVDs using a VCD/DVD player.

What are the advantages of IPTV?

The quality of digital video and audio is much better compared with the traditional analogue TV. With additional features, it can become interactive. For example, viewers may be able to look up a player’s history while watching a game. They also may be able to schedule a recording of their favourite programme when they are not home. With video on demand, they can browse an online movie catalogue and watch the movies instantly.

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Because IPTV uses standard networking protocols, it promises lower costs for operators and lower prices for users. Using set-top boxes with broadband internet connections, video can be streamed to households more efficiently than cable.

What are the limitations of IPTV?

Because IPTV is based on internet protocol, it is sensitive to packet loss and delays if the IPTV connection is not fast enough.

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