Saudi Arabia cancels Haj 2020, then this ministry is the scene of religion

Saudi Arabia cancels Haj 2020, then this ministry is the scene of religion

Ministry of Religion has prepared a repayment option if the pilgrimage is abolished this year by the Saudis.

Ministry of Religion has discussed the worst possibilities related to hajj with the DPR. There is potential for the cancellation of the hajj pilgrimage, considering that the corona virus case has not subsided especially in Saudi Arabia.Meeting resulted in a decision to pay off pilgrimage travel expenses (Bipih) that had been paid by prospective pilgrims entitled to be paid in full.Until April 16, 2020, there were 79.31 percent of candidates for regular pilgrims and 69.13 percent of special pilgrims who had paid off Bipih.

With respect to pilgrims who withdraw their paid deposits, they will be entitled to pay off in the following year,” said the decision of the meeting between the DPR and the Ministry of Religion.The Ministry of Religion’s Hajj and Umrah Director, Nizar Ali, underlined that only Bipih was paid back, not the initial deposit. Thus, prospective pilgrims can still leave in the following years.Unless the prospective pilgrims cancel the plan to perform the pilgrimage. All funds will be returned.

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First Scenario: Prospective Pilgrims File

Regarding the repayment of funds for prospective regular pilgrims, Nizar has prepared two scenarios.First, the congregation submits an application for returning the repayment fee by visiting the District / City Ministry of Religion Office.The Ministry of Religion then inputs the submission data to the Information System and Computerized Hajj or Siskohat.Then, the Registration Subdivision verifies the submission and approves the repayment refund.The PHU Director General then submitted a list of pilgrims requesting a return to the Hajj Financial Management Agency (BPKH). BPKH refunded the pilgrimage account.

Status in Siskohat for pilgrims who have submitted a refund has not yet been paid off. Next year, they must pay off again after Bipih is set,” Nizar said.If the prospective pilgrims do not make a withdrawal, it will be recorded as a pilgrimage paid off. The congregation concerned does not need to pay off if Bipih is set the same next year.”If Bipih is bigger next year, worshipers will only pay the difference,” Nizar said.

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Second scenario is Regular Hajj and Special Hajj

Second scenario, the repayment fund is returned to all pilgrims who have paid in full, whether to submit or not.The process, the Directorate General of PHU immediately filed a refund for paying all pilgrims to BPKH and changed the status of pilgrims in Siskohat to not being paid off.”Based on the submission of the Directorate General of PHU, BPKH refunded the payment of fees to the pilgrimage account,” Nizar said.As for the special pilgrimage, Nizar said, there was applied for the return of the pilgrims.he process, pilgrims who will ask for the return of Bipih repayment to make a letter to the Special Hajj Organizer (PIHK) by including the account number.

Saudi Arabia cancels Haj 2020
Saudi Arabia cancels Haj 2020, then this ministry is the scene of religion

PIHK then made a letter of submission for returning Bipih payments to the Ministry of Religion and the account number of the pilgrims to whom the transfer was made. Then, the Ministry of Religion submitted a letter of introduction returning Bipih payments to BPKH.”BPKH then transfers it to the pilgrimage account,” Nizar said.

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Ministry of Religion: Certainty of Hajj from Saudi End of April

Director General of Hajj and Umrah Management of the Ministry of Religion, Nizar Ali, said that his party could not provide certainty regarding the implementation of the 1441H / 2020M Hajj pilgrimage. The reason, Nizar is still waiting for a decision from Saudi Arabia.”For the hajj, the Ministry of Hajj (Saudi Arabia) will conduct a study and God willing, the 4th week of April there will be a decision, we will wait,” Nizar said,Nizar conveyed this during a meeting with the House of Representatives Commission VIII via teleconference. He asked the House of Representatives to determine the fate of prospective pilgrims if the Saudis had not yet made a decision until the end of May.

It took 25 days for the Ministry of Religion to prepare for the Hajj if an official decision was made. This time will not be enough if the Saudi decision is taken after May.”So until the end of May, for example, the Saudi Government has not provided clarity, I beg friends to decide not to leave. Because before, we had sufficient time to prepare for this,” he said.Regarding the Umrah Ramadan, Nizar said he had received information from the Saudi Hajj Ministry. The sunnah service will be abolished this year.Meanwhile, a number of five-star hotels in Mecca are now widely used as quarantine places for Saudis during the Covid-19 pandemic.”The Hajj Ministry predicts that the Umrah Ramadan will close,” Nizar said.

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