Voice of the Father ‘Crayon Shin Chan’ Died, Age 55

Voice of the Father ‘Crayon Shin Chan’ Died, Age 55

A voice actor from one of Crayon Shin Chan’s favorite cartoons died at the age of 55.

Most people spend their childhood watching Japanese cartoon series on television. Cartoon shows that are usually broadcast on holidays make us feel at home for long.Sometimes parents even have to ask many times to shower and eat. I was so excited that the cartoon was watched.One of the favorite cartoons that airs is Crayon Shin Chan. Shin Chan’s funny behavior often makes us laugh, and is very entertaining.

On Thursday, April 16, 2020, sad news came from famous Japanese voice actor Keiji Fujiwara.The voice of Shinnosuke’s father in the Crayon Shin Chan cartoon series is said to have died. The sad news was confirmed by his agency, Air Agency.

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Died of Cancer

Keiji Fujiwara was born on October 5, 1964. He became known as a voice actor since the 1990s when he became Shinnosuke’s father in the cartoon Crayon Shin-chan, named Hiroshi Nohara.Keiji Fujiwara was on hiatus about four years ago to undergo treatment. He also underwent surgery in August 2016. And started working again at work in June 2017.Fujiwara died at the age of just 55 years, due to fight hard against cancer.

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Voice of the Father 2020
Voice of the Father 2020 ‘Crayon Shin Chan’ Died, Age 55

Fill Many Animation Characters

Reporting from the world of buzz , Fujiwara is well known in the Japanese animation industry for not only voicing various characters in popular Japanese cartoons, but also voicing many other popular characters in Japanese animation, including:

Aizawa Shuuichi from ‘Death Note’ Animation
Maes Hughes in the ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ series
Axel in ‘Kingdom Hearts’
Leorio in ‘Hunter x Hunter’
Ardyn in the animation ‘Final Fantasy XV ‘
Reno in the animation ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’
Hannes in the animation ‘Attack On Titan’
Shiro Fujimoto in the animation ‘Ao no Exorcist’
He is also famous as a Japanese voice actor in the character Robert Downey Jr. in the Anime Iron Man.

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